We work for progress

One of the principal objectives of our company is to maintain a supplier base established on a commitment to responsibility, safety, environment and especially quality products and services at competitive prices.

If you are interested in contacting us as supplier of any good or service, please go to the section SRM register.

  • Our Mission
    To satisfy the supply needs for materials and equipment in a timely manner and at the best cost, so as to guarantee the continuity of the operations at our Production Units.
  • Our Commitment
    To effectively meet our mission without sacrificing the values that characterize our company: transparency, honesty, commitment to the environment, workplace safety, and equal treatment for our commercial partners.
  • Scope
    All member companies of GMexico – Minera México, their Procurement, Importations, Consumables, and Inventory Control Department.

Documents of interest for suppliers and clients

Whistleblower Line:

080 07 82 58

  • Allows us to optimize our supply processes in order to obtain the greatest benefits through cost minimization. It has a useful set of functionalities such as the system aperture feature, which ease supplier pre-register and register, the supplier access to the system through a web browser, the elaboration of shopping carts, orders, contracts, offers, negotiation channels (biddings), and the possibility to chat with suppliers, among other functionalities.Enter the SRM register site
    Enter the SRM site
  •  If you have any questions, please call 0800-00980 option 1 or write email to soporte.sap@mm.gmexico.com

Is a web tool that lets you optimize corporate contracts by automating contract creation, enhancing visibility, improving compliance, and delivering rapid time to value with the interaction of all internal and external(vendors) user involved in the contract. Also manage the entire contract lifecycle consistently across the enterprise; you can realize the full value of your contracts, resulting in higher profits and lower legal and financial risk.

Enter the CLM site