SCCO acquires Michiquillay mining project

The Company signs a contract for the acquisition of the Michiquillay copper project in Cajamarca, Peru, at a purchase price of $400 million. Michiquillay is a world-class mining project with mineralized material estimated at 1,150 million tons and a copper grade of 0.63%. It is expected to produce 225,000 tons of copper per year over an initial mine life of more than 25 years.

SCCO is the company with the largest copper reserves in the world

Southern Copper Corporation (SCCO) becomes the company with the largest copper reserves in the world. The Company issued $1.5 billion in bonds to be used for its expansion program. The notes issued were: $400 million at 5.375% due in 2020 and $1.1 billion at 6.75% due in 2040. The Company restarted production at its Cananea operations. As a way to reflect the beginning of a new era to develop this asset to its full potential, we have changed the trade name of the company operating the Cananea property to Buenavista del Cobre (“Buenavista”). Our SX/EW plants reached full capacity in the fourth quarter.